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Fertilia Ltd. is a Hungarian owned private company founded in 1991, produces and offers highly effective and premium quality fertilizers for all types of agricultural farming.
During the 23 years the company was always committed towards to the innovativ and up-to-date agrotechnologies.
Continuous and high level of development focus on to correspond for the challenges of future, the products could be adapted to the international efforts and at the same time to increase our competitiveness.
To the whole territory of Hungary a professional global consultant network was built to be in possession of the demand of the agricultural growers to satisfy them expertly and correctly. As the producer of the highly effective fertilisers with unique compositions - macro- mezo- and microelements, which are best suitable for the requirments of each given soil type and crop - we seek to be leader of the market. 
The innovativ approach what is represented by the company effects the continuous rejuventation and behind this work the many years research and development is also admitted by the profession. That's why the main fertiliser family Gramix NPK recieved awards at two prestigious hungarian, national event. At OMÉK in 2013 the award of Plant growing and in 2009 at Agro+Mashexpo the award of Innovation was won by Fertilia.
The UMG MICRO starter fertilizer in 2013 got as only one in the segment of microgranules the award of Hungarian Qualitiy Product, and at AGROmashEXPO the award of National Development.
The growers are also supperted with personalized consultancy, furthermore favourable payment conditions and integration opportunities are provided as well.
Behind our success a well organised, professional, customer-oriented logistics group stands. Fertilia Ltd. has significant storage capacity, up to 30 000 tons of solid fertilizers and more than 15 000 tons of solution fertilizers can be stored at the same time. Fertilizers are packed into BigBags and sacks. With 18 private road vehicles the company ensures punctual and flexible arrival of fertilisers to the customers. Besides this the tankers also carry out significant ADR commission work.
Every year more than 100 000 tons of fertilisers are sold, 70 % of it is manufactured by Fertilia. Approximately 90 % of the fertilisers are sold on the domestic market and 10 % are exported.
Fertilia Ltd. sold 20 200 tons in agriculture high amount used mono fertilisers last year.
The growers reach safe yield and excellent crop quality with the specialized fertilizers in a cost and environmental saving way. In our company the crop is the protagonist, to which the base is the soil!
We offer complete technology solution within the framework of our personalized nutrition-management advisory. The Partners whom make concious decision making resanable manuring with the application of the Fertilia fertilizer technology, get out such and as much nutritients which are necessary.