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Our fertilizers

Rizotec NPK (Gramix NPK) is a complex, solid fertilizer family which is produced since 2005. This product was composed according to professional guidlines, in addition of the crop specific elements also unique composition of fertilizers are provided for the growers.
Due to ist outstanding physical quality and solubilisation properties not just as basic but also as an excellent starter fertilizer can be used and relevant in the up to date agrotechnology systems.
Besides the macro- and optimal mesoelements, according to the requirments the microelement content can be changed. From Fall 2013 the Rizotec NPK (Gramix NPK) fertilizer is available on the market with the latest innovation of the company Rizodyne soil activator.
Our connected service is Rizotec program, which is based on the individual needs, production site- specific nutrient managment system. With this package we offer soil sampling, lab testing and professional advice by computer program to support the most efficient nutrient replace.

UMG MICRO Starter (microgranulate)

The UMG MICRO microgranulare starter fertilizer family has outstandingly high efficiency, professionally proves the most harmonic crop nutrition. With its use the germination and initial growth of the plant occurs with „explosive” speed and this benefit remains for the rest of the vegetation period as well.
Besides the eminently soluble N and P agent, the product also contain microelements in chelated form, organic sulphur, Rizodyne soil activator and vulcaninc rock, which has a high water retention and soil formation property. According to the highest professional demand for all arable land cultures a plant specific composition was elaborated, but also the general composition can be founded which has an excellent value for money.

Fertilia promote the customers in the application of the microstarter products at the same time with sowing. Both in the spring and in the fall in case of demand, the company supports units, which can be adapted to the sowing machine.

FertiSol N- solutions:

Our solution fertilizer family is FertiSol, which is a high nitrogen contained mono fertilizer. Fertisol 28 is adapted with meso- and microelements according to the needs of the crop.
During the development of Fertisol for individual crop cultures the sensitiveness of the crop was taken into consideration. Besides the high nitrogen content it contains the combination of meso- and microelements, that’s why is the most economical application among the currently used technologies. The product is suggested to apply against the defficiency of sulphur calcium magnesium cuprum boron and zink, thus the top dressing of wheat and rape and the basic- and top dressing of maize can be solved.


High sulphur contained fertilizer which is implemented with boron and magnesium. MASSulfix can be used as basic- and spring top dressing.
The direct uptake of its agents indicates the vegetative growth, making the nutrient uptake and incorporation more efficiency, which increases the chlorofill content.
Ideal, fast and efficient medicine for the plants which were wickened during winter. It increases the yield and improves the oil contet of the seed.

 Rizodyne soil activator:

The latest innovation of Fertilia Ltd. Not available on the market, but an organic based additive to promote and increase the efficiency of the fertilizers Rizotec NPK and UMG MICRO. The organic substance content includes various enzymes, amino acids, sugars and glycine, which passing into the soil enhance the living conditions of soil-dwelling microorganisms to such a great extent that they proliferate. In this way the soil activity and rizosphera effect increase, the boundary of the rhizosphere extends.

The components of the Rizodyne soil activator have several positive properties, which increase the efficiency of the fertilisers:

- biologically activate the soil, thus through the reproduction of the microorganisms results higher nutrient uptake,
- its amino acid content indicates the root development,
- its vitamin and organic acid content improves the salt and drought stress tolerance
- the zink increase the sulphur uptake,
- the crop improves the tolerance against the pests,
- the greater root mass advantages for the plant, which appear in case of the length of the leaves and size of the plant as well,
- promote the inner content of the crop.

When Rizodyne was used on rape in fall, in the root neck up to 30% growth was recorded.
Our experiments proves, that in vicinity of corn root the microbial activity was 444 times more compared to the control in the first period of the growth.