• New, polyphosphate FertiSol NP solutions - In the rage of Fertilia's liquid...

  • Fertilia Wall Calendar 2016

  • Quarter-millionth tonnes of sold Gramix 

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Product Cataloge 2015.

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Over quarter of a decade together for nutrient supply!

25 years, quarter of a decade is a long time indeed, significant milestone even in measures of a lifetime. It is worth stopping in such remarkable moments and review where we are and what direction we are up to. Standing firmly on our feet and developing is only possible through consistent work, constant renewal and serious researching background. This is true to us, Fertilia as well.    

2016. Apr. 19. 16:23

Timing nitrogen sources – with the well soluble Gramix NPK

Besides the moisture content, temperature and biological activity of the soil, the forms of nitrogen constituting the fertilizers also highly influence in how many percents the active agents of the applied artificial manure becomes available nutrient for the subject plant.   erotik shop erotik shop erotik shop erotik shop erotik shop erotik shop erotik shop

2016. Marz. 2. 15:09

New, polyphosphate FertiSol NP solutions - In the rage of Fertilia's liquid fertilizers

The generally known solved nitrogen fertilizers with phosphor content can be prepared from ammonium-phosphates by a simple solving process. A disadvantage of such products is that their active agent content is relatively low, therefore, their use is not economical.  

2016. Febr. 18. 15:12

Fertilia Wall Calendar 2016

Following its great success last year, we issue our unique calendar introducing young farmers this year again. Would you also like one to keep your office or home be decorated all year long?   

2016. Jan. 18. 14:58

Argus FMB East Europe Fertilizer Conference in Prague – Fertilia Ltd. on International Stages

The most important and largest fertilizers’ conference of the East-European region, which is becoming more and more popular, was held in Prague between 17th and 19th June. The total of 180 companies from 40 countries including Russia, England, Holland, Switzerland, Ukraine, Croatia and the United States of America, were represented at the event.  

2015. Jun. 29. 10:42

Light has thrown on the secret! – It is done better in the West

In comparison with the Western-European countries performing production similar to Hungary the inland use of fertilizer is significantly lower, however, which rather gives reason for concern that while 50 percent of the used active substances is nitrogen to the west from us, the other half is phosphor-potash, nitrogen totals up to 80 percent of 80 kg/hectare used in Hungary.

2015. May. 20. 14:38