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Argus FMB East Europe Fertilizer Conference in Prague – Fertilia Ltd. on International Stages

2015. Jun. 29. 10:42

The most important and largest fertilizers’ conference of the East-European region, which is becoming more and more popular, was held in Prague between 17th and 19th June.

The total of 180 companies from 40 countries including Russia, England, Holland, Switzerland, Ukraine, Croatia and the United States of America, were represented at the event.

The event, this year again, provided an excellent opportunity for the representation of companies putting high focus on research and development and also open to up-to-date solutions and also producing and trading with fertilizers for getting to know more about one another, for personally introducing them to others as well as for carrying progressive negotiations across state borders.
Besides all that, the section rooms hosted high quality and meaningful lectures presented by known experts, who were heartily willing to share their knowledge with all those interested!

Fertilia Ltd. has been a characteristic participant of the subject event; however, this year we did not only take part of the conference and fair as an exhibitor. We had the honour to be invited as an innovative and dynamically developing fertilizer producer company to hold a lecture about sustainable agriculture and future directions of development.

Meeting the request, Erika Várszegi, general manager of Fertilia drew the attention in her lecture to the great challenge that the world would need to double its food production by 2050!
In 35 years however, we will reach the point where 2.2 billion more people will live on Earth and for the sufficient nutrition to be provided for all plus 1 billion tons of cereals would be needed per year!

The dramatic boom in the population that is expected not in such a long time and besides the limited sources at our disposal – decreasing energy, dropping water reserves as well as the radically decreasing size of arable fields due to soil erosion and road constructions – the only way for sustainable agriculture is increasing efficiency.
Therefore, such fertilizing methods need to be applied, which, besides providing a harmonic soil-nutrition, at the same time also enrich the productive capacity of the soil.*

Erika Várszegi, general manager of Fertilia during her lecture
The rows of the audience included some internationally known experts, remarkable representatives of the profession, who, after the presentation gave us feedbacks ensuring us to have been on the right track and stating that we though in a similar way and our goals, principles were alike regarding the agriculture of the future!

*The video presentation of the lecture will soon be available on our website!