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New, polyphosphate FertiSol NP solutions - In the rage of Fertilia's liquid fertilizers

2016. Febr. 18. 15:12

The generally known solved nitrogen fertilizers with phosphor content can be prepared from ammonium-phosphates by a simple solving process. A disadvantage of such products is that their active agent content is relatively low, therefore, their use is not economical.

Clean NP solutions with ammonium-polyphosphate and rich in FertiSol– nutrients
However, our polyphosphate raw material is featured by the fact that the phosphor acids in it are linked with one another through oxygen bridges in a chain pattern. This characteristic structure prevents phosphate to be fixed and elution in the soil therefore, it provides solved nutrient source for the plant in direct uptake.
As of January 2016, our FertiSol solved fertilizer family (FertiSol NP 25-5, NP 21-5) will be completed with such highly concentrated, clean NP solutions with polyphosphate compounds of special forms.
Its nitrogen forms (NH4, NO3 and NH2) are equally available as prompt and quick nitrogen source and as nitrogen with an extended effect.
Further advantage of the FertiSol product family is that copper and zinc micro elements are present in the solution in a metal-tetrammin complex form. Therefore, besides being able to prevent deficiency diseases and therefore drop of quality and yield, it remains stable and resistant in a wide temperature range and can be stored well. It is economical, environmentally-friendly and each drop of it will be utilised.
Its application is advised as spring top dressing with plants of autumn sowing (autumn wheat, rape) in a 150–300 kg/ha dose, particularly if it comes to a poor, rooted plantation.
It is recommended as basic dressing of cultures with spring sowing (corn, sunflower) in a 250–500 kg/ha dose.
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