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Over quarter of a decade together for nutrient supply!

2016. Apr. 19. 16:23

25 years, quarter of a decade is a long time indeed, significant milestone even in measures of a lifetime. It is worth stopping in such remarkable moments and review where we are and what direction we are up to.
Standing firmly on our feet and developing is only possible through consistent work, constant renewal and serious researching background. This is true to us, Fertilia as well.  


- This Spring has been sparkling for Fertilia with new packaging equipment, starting up of a new horticultural business unit and opening perspectives towards new export markets. Let us see them in order…

- Producers have become in favour of the “bigbag” packaging unit during the past years – the way of packaging was first brought to the Hungarian market in 1998. Therefore, it may seem contradictory but we still decided that is was time to send our 10 years old sack packer plant on holiday. In its place, we installed an automatic packaging unit with the most updated technology, which packs our products in bags of 25 kg, 10 kg and 1 kg unit weights. We considered it important not to concentrate our existing demands only but also on providing the possible widest range of services for the farmers showing them new opportunities. Our goal was to present our custom-made “produced for you” message also in the packaging.

- Although Spring season is still on, what experiences have you gathered?

- The time spent since the commissioning of the packaging equipment in early January has been proving our decision. We currently pack 120 tons of fertiliser in 24 hours a day, which is still not enough for meeting all demands. For example, our UMG MICRO microgranulated starter product has its peak demand period this spring. The reason for this may be that today’s plant nutrition shows high grade of awareness. There seems to be serious demand for such nutritive, which are not only ordinary fertilisers but rather more multi-structured.

- Multi-structured fertilisers? This calls for explanation.

- To keep it simple, I would call them more-in-one products. More and more producers become aware that it is no longer enough to have the most perfect fertiliser adjusted to the differentiated nutritive needs of the plants and to the areal features. We completely agree that stating that it is far not enough if the goal is to keep production growing. Therefore we have not stopped further developing our products at that point. Our above mentioned UMG MICRO microgranulated starter fertilisers and our Gramix Rizotec NPK fertilisers revolutionise nutritive supply bringing it to a higher level. They contain our own uniquely developed Rizodyne soil activator, which intensifies the productivity of the soil by making the micro-organic life of the soil more dynamic;  improves the ventilation and water-retaining capacity of the soil and at the same time prevents from soil erosion. It also speeds up nutritive uptake by the roots and minimizes the loss of N, P and K. It improves the soil conditions in longer terms. Therefore, the soil is no longer considered as the black box of plant growing, but even more!

- Are all these already available for fruits and vegetables or under lawn as well?

- Yes, they are. We started up our horticultural business unit this year. Using the best our knowledge, we created a wide product range just for horticultures, which, besides our consulting colleagues, is already available at our retailers as well.

- As a Hungarian company, your products are primarily for Hungarian lands; but if I heard it right, “Far-East is getting near”?

- It is a special piece of joy that our export is not only going to the surrounding countries like Slovakia or Romania but we have serious inquiries for our premium fertilisers from much farer East of us like Vietnam, Cambodia and China as well through the Hungarian National Trading House Plc.

- What else does this year still to bring?

- Autumn this year shall not pass speechless since our 25th anniversary is quite a milestone. That is why we will dress up nicely and in the framework of an event organised on a level just adequate to the anniversary we will say thanks to the farmers and customers for their constant trust n our products, since buying fertilisers is always question of trust as well.