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Quarter-millionth tonnes of sold Gramix NPK fertilizer

Fertilia Ltd. organized a professional meeting on the 13th November 2014 together with plant visit and award ceremony at the Enying site on the occasion of quarter-millionth manufactured Gramix NPK.

2014. Dec. 9. 14:01

Optimal nutrient management of wheat

In Hungary in Fall 2014 one million hectares of wheat will be sown. The terms of the economical cultivation is the optimalization of the costs and in the given circumstances to reach the highest yield.

2014. Oct. 20. 12:47

The quarter-millionth tons of Gramix NPK

    Fertilia Ltd. achived another success. The demand growth to our Gramix NPK fertilizers shows well, that we manufactured the quarter-millionth of this product.

2014. Sept. 29. 14:04

Fall stubble breaking

    It should be taken into consideration the active substance of root and stalk residues which are remained on the stubble at the time of cost effececient nutrient management planning.

2014. Sept. 25. 15:31

Solutions to reach safe yield with the organic material contained Fertilia fertilizers

  Low crop purchase prices? High input costs? In the current market situation it is important to know, how we can increase our incomes?   

2014. Aug. 28. 12:40

The life of arable crops with the photographer's eye

  The passion of Péter Simon, CEO of Fertilia Ltd. is phototography. Explore Hungary with his approach!

2014. Jul. 22. 09:55

Fertilisation of rape and wheat

The best decision, when the soil nutrient capacity and the nutrient demand of the cultivated crop is taken into consideration, and after with the help of soil lab testing results the ferilisation managment is determined.

2014. Jul. 18. 16:08

Meet us this year as well at the Argus FMB East Europe Fertilizer Conference & Exhibition!

24th-27th June 2014 Dubrovnik gives place for the event, where after the previous years positive feedbacks Fertilia Ltd. represented ourself second time with its delegates. As leader unique fertilizer  manufacturer on the hungarian market, this year we would like to establish for further co-operation partnerships as manufacturer and distributor as well. Please, if your company is open for an introduction meeting, because of the high interest please contact us via e-mail: kulker@fertilia.hu to arrange an appointment.

2012. Apr. 21. 03:46

Talking about beginnings and future

    "It is good when body and soul of human is in good condition." - conversation with Péter Simon, CEO of Fertilia Ltd.  

2012. Apr. 21. 04:31