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Timing nitrogen sources – with the well soluble Gramix NPK

2016. Marz. 2. 15:09

Besides the moisture content, temperature and biological activity of the soil, the forms of nitrogen constituting the fertilizers also highly influence in how many percents the active agents of the applied artificial manure becomes available nutrient for the subject plant.

The transformation of the most commonly used fertilizers based on ammonium-nitrate (MAS, AN, SAN) can be carried out even in 1-2 days. The nutrient uptake dynamics of the plantations however, will be different during the vegetation period. Corn uptakes 85% of its nitrogen needs not in the beginning phase of its development but only after its 8-10 leaves phonologic phase.
Based on the above facts, it is seen that the ideal situation would be if the nitrogen source was available for the plant grown when the possible largest amount of it is needed.
Is that possible at all? The answer is: yes!
A novelty of Fertilia’s 2016 Spring season is the well soluble Gramix NPK composite fertilizer with high nitrogen content, which has an elongated effective period, by which he availability of nitrogen through the roots of the plant is possible to be “timed”.
The nitrogen active agent in the fertilizer is given by carbamide. An advantageous feature of our product is that the amide nitrogen of the carbamide is transformed to be a nitrate form available for the roots to uptake in a two-step biochemical process. Therefore, one part of it gets solved quickly after application and working-in in the soil, while the other part is retained to be available even later on at the active growing stage of the subject culture.
Since the agent is stored on the generated ammonia and soil colloids for a longer time, there is no quick nitrate elution, therefore, the environmental impact is also decreased.  
It is the right choice from the economic aspect as well, since it is one of the products with the lowest nitrogen agent cost concerned.
Besides nitrogen, phosphor is another indispensable nutrient for growing the necessary root dimensions, which will be the bases of the appropriate nutrient and water uptake and draught bearing capacities and it is the factor with influence on the final yield as well.
The optimal potassium and phosphor content of our well-soluble Gramix NPK fertilizers with nitrogen domination provides the fresh active agents necessary for the development in the initial stage.
Why it is important is because one part of the phosphor and potassium applied in autumn as resulting from the basic supplies of the soil might get fixed on the soil colloids through various biochemical processes and will no longer be available to uptake in spring. Therefore, it is particularly important that the phosphor very slowly moving in the soil should be there near the roots and seedlings, for it is the only way for the nutrient to be available for the plant to uptake.
Our Gramix NPK 39-5-5 and Gramix NP 43-5 fertilizers are recommended as basic and auxiliary fertilizing of corn and sunflower with spring sowing being worked-in in the soil 1-2 weeks prior to sowing in a 100-400 kg/ha dose as per the expert advice.
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